We Offer Highly Qualified Software Engineers

SWISS CONSULTANT-NETWORK is a software development company offering highly qualified software engineers for customers' in-house services. Together with our customers we work on highly complex use cases that require technological innovation to solve a specific need.

Our main project is focused on the development of a new object database management system: FRIEND® ODBMS. One of its applications will be in FRIEND® SWIM. Based on state-of-the-art research, it will provide groundbreaking extensibility and will support complex domains (aviation, human genome, etc.).


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On-site Software Engineers

Companies can benefit from the carefully selected skill set of our software engineers as well as from our think-tank expertise. If you are looking for software development specialists who can bring innovation and out-of-the-box ideas to your company, please visit our Services section.


Project: FRIEND®

Our main project combines knowledge, experience and skills into an innovative technology. Data with a high level of complexity will be stored in a new generation of an extensible object database management system, which will provide optimized storage and retrieval time.



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Are you interested in solving complex computer science problems? Do you like Free and Open Source Software? We want you to work with us!