Application of FRIEND® in Pharma

Today's research in the pharmaceutic and medical industry as well as in biology IT poses many challenges for computer scientists. Experiments conducted by researchers yield an enormous amount of data that needs to be stored. And later specific sets need to be retrieved for evaluation. This process can be time consuming due to the performance of the underlying storage mechanisms and the effort that needs to be invested to fine-tune the queries for optimal performance with your data sets.

On the other hand, the data itself can be quite complex: Alone the storage of so-called macromolecules (e.g., proteins or nucleic acids) poses a challenge because of their complexity and interdependencies. For example, the largest protein known today consists of almost 27000 amino acids which are molecules consisting of groups of atoms. These complex molecular structures and their interdependencies are usually hard to model and to retrieve in a efficient way using traditional, relational databases.

Our solution, FRIEND ODBMS, is a highly customizable data storage system offering a solution to solve these problems. Through close interaction with scientists we are able to write domain specific database extensions that greatly simplify data navigation and evaluation of measurements and allows to master the massive and complex data-streams collected by a multitude of sensors or medical equipments.




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