What we offer

While working with us, you will usually end up doing two separate projects: One of them is our free and open-source project: FRIEND® ODBMS – an extensible ODBMS for adaptive data management. Our team is working on the implementation of a new database technology in close cooperation with ODBMS researchers from major Swiss universities (ETH Zurich and others). Furthermore, you will spend time working on the design and implementation of big and complex projects for major companies in Switzerland. This can involve working on-site, directly with our clients, or at our office location at our Development Office in Feldmeilen. Our involvement with clients companies are usually long lasting due to size of the projects we are working on. This means your job is different from typical consulting. You will most likely end up working for the same client for a longer time period (up to multiple years), and in the process become an expert in your field and valuable personnel for the client.

We are a small tech company with 10-20 employees. Working with us has the advantage that you will be involved in all aspects and areas of our business. We are a bunch of nice people. If you like what we offer we would be happy to meet you and discuss possible opportunities.


We are looking for talented software engineers. Together with us, you can be part of something big in the coming years.

Software engineer