On-site Software Engineers

In contrast to typical consultants we provide specialized software engineers and are working with our customers in long-term relationships. Our focus is on quality, trustworthiness, honesty and security.




Extensive knowledge in software development

We have extensive knowledge in software development. Our well-educated engineers adapt to your specific environment in order to support your LONG-TERM strategies. In our research project we are focused on FREE AND OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE.

Business Model

Private Industry and State-of-the-Art Research

Most of our engineers divide their time between our industry customers and implementing state-of-the-art research. Our customers gain both from having specialized engineers ON LOCATION and from having RESEARCH turned into practice. The combination of customers' current software with advanced Free and Open Source Software development leads to INNOVATIVE and sustainable solutions.

This approach gives our customers all the advantages of a long-term relationship. Thus we are able to better support our customers specific requirements (rules, customs, standards etc.). We gain by working on a state-of-the-art research project while simultaneously staying CLOSE TO INDUSTRY.


Highly Qualified Software Engineers

We are a tech company with about 10-20 employees. Most of us have a masters degree from ETH Zurich. For our DEVELOPMENT and RESEARCH, we collaborate with universities and innovative companies. We have strong vision of how technology should be used to enhance innovation and development and we will stay as independent from corporate influence as possible.


Dipl. Ing. ETH Erich Bleiker

Erich Bleiker has three decades of relevant experience with IT in various functions and industries. He first realized application projects using proprietary software and offshore developments. He has founded several software companies after opening his first in 1993 at the Technopark Zurich. This has led to fruitful cooperation with large Swiss enterprises and Swiss universities.

He initially viewed Free and Open Source Software development with skepticism until he had to finish two projects with great loss, because the underlying proprietary software had been withdrawn from the market by a large manufacturer. Consequently he decided to use Free and Open Source Software whenever possible. For the last five years he has been working successfully with the new business model.




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